Kirsty Donnelly

Kay has been absolutely amazing with my chonic back pain.
From the moment I started going to Renew Osteopathy I’ve had the most incredible care.
Kay has created a calm, warm, safe space for her clients, that feels like a second home.
She truly goes above and beyond for those in her care.
Highly recommend to anyone having aches and pains, you’ll feel absolutely supported by Kay.
She truly is the best in the Bay, you won’t find anyone better!
I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done for me, I always feel amazing after a session at Renew Osteopathy..

Zoe Church

Kay is excellent. She takes a very holistic approach and you can immediately tell her years of experience by her ability to hone in on problem areas straight away. She really helped me after an accident left me in severe pain. After my first visit I noticed a huge reduction in my level of pain and was able to sleep through the night again. Highly recommend her services.

Delwyn Robinson

Kay is our amazing family osteo. Everyone in the family has been to Kay for various injuries. She is incredible with children and has been treating my 11 year old for tennis injuries. I highly recommend Kay.

Timothy Foley

Visited Kay with a myriad of issues. She was very professional and diagnosed problems that I hadn’t mentioned but knew were present. I came away from the first treatment feeling immediate improvement and I can’t recommend Kay highly enough. Looking forward to my next appointment.

Linda Robson

When I met Kay I was struggling with my mobility as my body was out of alignment due to an ankle injury ( Kay identified this straight away ) . Since seeing Kay my mobility and flexibility has improved so much – I take much less pain killers and can manage short periods without my stick. I was sceptical at first that she would make a difference – how wrong was I ! She is extremely professional whilst being very friendly and approachable. If you are unsure if an osteopath will help I strongly recommend you book in with Kay . For me it is money well spent !

Ross Hopgood

I have been to see Kay for almost 2 yrs. I have a active job and regularly injure my back, with Kays treatments i have been able to manage my back problems successfully. I recently injured my back on holiday and Kay pulled out all the stops to see me as soon as i was back. I couldn’t recommend enough.

Ali Murphy

My daughter was diagnosed with a lip tie at 8 weeks and struggled to feed. She suffered badly with reflux and projectile vomiting after each feed due to her intake of air whilst feeding. After her first treatment, the improvement was instant. No more projectile and a much better feeder. Kay also cured her sticky eye, which she’d had since birth and hadn’t cleared with 2 lots of antibiotics! It was gone there and then, unbelievable. We had one more session to follow up. We had yet more improvement feeding and reflux wise. Kay was wonderful, in fact my daughter slept the whole way through the first session and most of the way through the second. I can not recommend Kay highly enough, she works miracles! Thank you so much Kay.

Oscar Harper

Fantastic experience!
Kay is extremely professional, she asked all the necessary questions initially, got to the root of the problem & worked on that area directly. Two days later I’ve already experienced improvement and this issue has been going on for more than a year.
I could not recommend Kay highly enough!

Sarah Ouko

I took my 3 month old daughter to see Kay after it was recommended to me as my little girl was just generally unsettled and I couldn’t pin my finger on what it was. She would often cry unless being entertained, wanted to be held constantly, didn’t like lying down on her back and displayed typical ‘colic’ symptoms. She struggled to feed off one breast and always seemed uncomfortable. In addition, she also seemed to resist turning her head to one side.

After 1 session with Kay my little girl was a different child! She barely cried, was happy to go down on her play mat for long periods of time and immediately turnt her head both ways! She changed to being unrecognisable and absolutely everyone commented on how much more relaxed she was. We had a follow up session after our initial session and it was agreed no further sessions were needed and my little girl is doing great! I would highly recommend to anyone whose baby just seems a little unsettled! Well worth a visit! Thanks Kay xx

Katherine Law

I have been visiting Kay for some time now and it is only as a result of her fabulous treatment that my back Keeps in shape. I don’t know what I would do without her. Couldn’t recommend the treatment she provides highly enough.