Sarah Ouko

I took my 3 month old daughter to see Kay after it was recommended to me as my little girl was just generally unsettled and I couldn’t pin my finger on what it was. She would often cry unless being entertained, wanted to be held constantly, didn’t like lying down on her back and displayed typical ‘colic’ symptoms. She struggled to feed off one breast and always seemed uncomfortable. In addition, she also seemed to resist turning her head to one side.

After 1 session with Kay my little girl was a different child! She barely cried, was happy to go down on her play mat for long periods of time and immediately turnt her head both ways! She changed to being unrecognisable and absolutely everyone commented on how much more relaxed she was. We had a follow up session after our initial session and it was agreed no further sessions were needed and my little girl is doing great! I would highly recommend to anyone whose baby just seems a little unsettled! Well worth a visit! Thanks Kay xx