Karmen Davies

I would recommend southport osteopathy to EVERYONE!!!! I went with chronic sciatica which started during pregnancy and got extremely worse after birth. After being ignored by A&E and doctors I finally took matters into my own hands and came here – my mum also has beem here and had Kay too who is amazing! I wouldn’t be here today without Kay. I’m currently sat in hospital after a lumbar microdiscectomy. I had the operation yesterday and i’d begged my physiotherapist to refer me to a neurosurgeon, I asked doctors and nobody listened, they just kept giving me more and more tablets. Kay could see how much I struggled, forced the doctors to refer me to a neurosurgeon after being told “it would bs pretty pointless you know” and being pushed away because I’m so young. the neurosurgeon saw me last week after a long wait to see him. he booked me in for the next emergency operation and even though my back hurts, I currently have no sign of sciatica. I was crippled with leg, hip and back pain and now i’ve just been told I can go home after having the operation at 3pm yesterday. I could not thank Kay enough for believing in me and actually helping me more than any doctors have. Kay isn’t just an osteopath, she is a lovely understanding lady who will do ANYTHING she can to help you. I 1000% recommend this place to anyone. even minimal pain I would say get checked right away snd Kay will do whatever she can to help you. a brilliant service and I definitely owe my life to Kay. Thank you! x